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Apple opened a routine product launch happened last month with the gag. Create aerial shot of Apple’s new circular headquarters set up a “Mission: Impossible”inspired by the video: the speech is about to begin, it’s an emergency. A young woman summoned to work, clutching the metal briefcase while running, jumping, tripping and slipping her way out of a sometimes inhabited by a mile round the temple where she works. This rush through the Apple displaced futurescape click before the Apple Watch to notify our heroine she had completed her activity goal for the day, she runs into a colleague who uses her to teleport. The real punch line up when delivers do not package Apple CEO Tim Cook — and not a new product, but the remote control needs to display it.

Implicit in this now-customary display of self-deprecation, is that Apple, which saw the market capitalization go from $ 1 trillion in August of this year, I don’t quite know what to do with himself. Steve Jobs was fond of pointing out the boundaries of market research. Customer “I don’t know what they want until we’ve shown them,” he would say sometimes the protest (perhaps apocryphal) dictum of Henry Ford: if he had asked the people what they want “they might have said: ‘Faster Horses.’ “If we understand this feeling as the actual operating principle or self-inflated narrative, it is quite account of what became of Apple in the post-Jobs era.

The company had not achieved the true structure until the spectacular rise of the iPhone, which functions in the era project, but the iPhone itself didn’t work even after Apple intake for the full control over it. Absolutely, the functions of imagined the device as a phone that can go to web sites. There are no third-party applications. But today we elected our smart phones with apps that we use. They’re Instagram or Facebook, they are not, or to buy things on Amazon, or check your Gmail account. Ends, in other words, to the internet giants, some of whom are Apple competitors with the car on the time we spend with Apple’s core product. In an attempt to show people what they wanted, jobs ended up to create perhaps history’s most efficient tool, simply ask them and then let others supply the answers.

Photoimagem08-10-2018-22-10-31 imagem08-10-2018-22-10-31[/commentary]the company saw the market value go from $ 1 trillion in August of this year. What is the next step? CreditIllustration by John Han

Apple Watch, a new version of which was announced at the event, it was in the beginning pitched, in 2014, The their excesses from your iPhone. As Apple has lost its control on the iPhone-invasive, and internet companies, these customers have lost control of their own experiences. Apple Watch — with a smaller screen and a focus on screening rather than thinking — it was pitched with the marketing that sparked the adventure, activity and, above all, escape, as much of the work or product of the iPhone itself.

Four years and millions of sales later, Apple Watch-iPhone-antidote Stadium remains as do the use cases in fitness and health devices. More important is what has not happened yet. Whether by accident or by design, yet untouched by the runaway success of the iPhone. Apple is still in process still in charge of guessing what most people can get out of the Apple Watch. A device that is not a reflection of simple, proactive market research or product returned to its popularity. What in the future may be still belongs to Apple. And this shows that the company is keen.

In its declaration on mass marketing materials the new Apple Watch knows the wider, busier face glistened with data: time, date, weather, the UV index. There are indications in various states of progress and to facilitate the life of continuous working: countdown timer; count the steps toward the goal; the song is nearing completion. Top reminder: the 11:15 am training with Christie. These carefully selected marketing image represent acceptance of a day in the life of any one is very much Apple executives present the product on stage many from its appearance in some advanced stages of reverse the aging epidemic that hit Silicon Valley in recent years.

During the presentation, executives shared glimpses of a life that was very clear, as to house the inscriptions says “Designed by Apple in California” — the attractiveness of human bodies, pushing themselves to the top and bottom of the mountains, float on the surface among the waves or wending through the rural picturesque. It’s the kind of entertainment destination just might dream in place until you came out with your regular Apple Watch and a reminder to stand this unless you live in the Bay Area to work at a place like Apple. The new iPhone ads have been reduced to the speed of the horse affairs, but at least Apple doesn’t have to guess from the smart phones.

Over the years, the iPhone has become more aware of the world around them, laden with new sensors and microphones and cameras. The Apple Watch became with each generation better at sensing what is happening, in the inside, wearers’ bodies. Apple boasts that the latest model offers the performance of EKG or ECG, and the scope of your authority monitor what is behind the optional physical activities or behavior quantitative to active diagnosis. (The function will not be available until later this year.) Apple Watch to warn when the wearer’s heart rate had dropped so low, or climbed so high; the series 4 can ask, when it senses a sudden movement, if you have fallen, and to call an ambulance.

Now this remarkable facility to collect and organize information about you is just that — it’s a great deal of data with many places to go. This is sensitive information, of course, Apple’s relative commitment to privacy — at least compared with the publicity that focused on companies like Google and Facebook — may be enough to get new users strapped in the registry.

Apple is facing institutional struggle to imagine what Apple Watch, or could be in the imagination of their customers, it is worth mentioning that Apple announced its commitment to privacy, in practice, narrow. Competitors Cook likes to prod around the data exploitation and business models will be necessary to complicit partner in the company, has found many of its customers even though Apple hardware and software.

This is particularly relevant thinking throw about other ideas. Apple has already met with the insurance giant Aetna on the ways in which the company has used Apple Watch to encourage healthy and cheaper power in the tens of millions of customers. John Hancock, one of the largest life insurance companies in America after Apple’s latest announcement that it will offer all clients the option of interactive politics that the customers get discounts on general health, as evidenced by data from wearable devices. Here we see the vague outlines of how the Apple Watch may become important, or at least in every place, as linked to another data-hungry industry.

There may be many other ways, still, that the Apple Watch can meet the supposed source is as follows the device that we suddenly remember a world without. It would be out of character of Apple to admit that the iPhone, the biggest success in fact the triumph of mass-market research, to announce its intentions to do it all over again, let others know the real value of the device — or specifically the value of the user data can provide. Apple is still left guessing, with more perseverance than customer confidence what you might not yet know they want. At the same time, the market is watching, and coming up with own answers.

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