Project Etisalat launches declaration on the drama of youth celebrates the reference date in the 12th edition

Communication is part of the largest celebration of Youth Theatre in the world now more than deliver a piece of world famous authors invite the young people themselves to write. The project has already experiences writing for young people at the editions 2012 and 2014 with Mariana Marine Rio de Janeiro and San Jose Arthur Ridolfo, who was 19 years old at the time.

The auction is open to residents in the state of São Paulo between 15 and 25 years to send a text message to say young people between 12 and 19 years, which allow the installation of pieces with up to 1 hour in duration, and that the dialogue with the theme generator “my voice is my freedom”.

“My voice is my freedom” was chosen to promote the establishment of the text. He should not be jailed and yes in support of writing. The subject of raises, opens up paths serve as a guide in the creative process. The text does not necessarily need to refer to the subject in a straightforward manner. The project is a source of inspiration.

Entries are free and open until November 19, 2018 and must be performed only and exclusively on the project site contacts. For the record, it is necessary to fill completely the registration form and attach the text of the playwright (pdf) in the property up to 23 on 19 November 2018.

Since 2008, in partnership of multiple institutions, the British Council, Colégio São Luis, Cultura inglesa, Escola Superior de Artes Célia Helena National Theatre in London in the development of the project contacts, which encourages theater factory group of young people from public and private schools the independent aesthetic of as well as unpublished texts written by contemporary writers from Brazil and England.

Project impacts the public, which is hardly to be access to the theater, whether in production or in the work or in the dirt on the houses shows.

Offers connections Youth Theatre 2018

In 2018, Communications celebrates 12 years of its existence it is proposed to look at the distance traveled to re-consider the portfolio of texts especially for this project in dialogue with the youth of the universe. There are 47 pieces of Brazilian authors are British, which tells us the story and the story of each group, Educator and artist who participated in the communication.

Invite groups revisitarem our portfolio of texts and choose any one of the pieces to assemble this year. As a result, will be a retrospective of the project, with the texts of almost all the versions that we have here.

Check the network performances, schedule!

12 shows connections Youth Theatrein the period from 5 to 14 October – from Thursday to Sunday (various times)local: Teatro Cultura inglesa-Pinheiros (Rua Dep. Lacerda Franco, 333)free admission, withdrawal of admission tickets 1h before each show

October 5 (Friday)
20.30 – Anoesis, Junction25 – with a group of Escola Superior de Artes Celia Helena (part of the text of the edition 2014 of the project contacts)

October 6 (Saturday)
11 a.m. – the musicians Patrick Marber – with a team Academic Theatre (part of the text of the Edition 2016 of the project contacts)
16h – the sound of silence Joseph Arthur Ridolfo – with a theater group and Central Intelligence Agency (part of the text of the edition 2014 of the project contacts)
20h – DNA, Dennis Kelly – with a range of Sunday-school (part of the text of the 2015 edition of the project contacts)

7 October (Sunday)
16h – mobile: view Jim Cartwright – with Group E. E. Astrogildo Silva (part of the text of the 2013 edition of the draft communication)20h – liar, Gregory Burke – with a team from the College of St. Louis (part of the text of the edition 2014 of the project contacts)

10 October (Wednesday)
20.30 – brave new world!, Luis Alberto de Abreu – with the team of the College of the Holy Spirit (part of the text of the edition of the 2017 draft connections)

October 11 (Thursday)
20h30 – Chrysalises David Harrower – with a group of school Vera Cruz (part of the text of the 2012 edition of the project contacts)

October 12 (Friday)
20h30 – under the bridge (the bridge), Seattle, Guedes – with a group of English culture (presentation in English – the text part of the 2016 edition of the project contacts)

October 13 (Saturday)
20h – slander, Jandira martini – with the CIA. Stage (part of the text of the 2010 edition of the project contacts)

October 14 (Sunday)
16h – the wedding cake, Mario Viano with the team a change of scenery (part of the text of the 2008 edition of the draft connections)
20h – half of the basket, Marcelo Rubens Paiva – group of the E. E. Dr. Baeta Neves (part of the text of the 2007 edition of the project contacts)

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