Queensland man becomes the third shark attack victim in the last month | the environment | The Guardian

The monkey had mauled a man from Central Queensland previous state in the third shark attack in as many weeks.

A boat carrying victim of age in the 50s, reached the near Yeppoon early on Tuesday, but he understands he’s biting on his shoulder on Monday, paramedics.

He is in stable condition and was taken to the Rockhampton Hospital.

The ambulance service could not say if the victim was alone when attacked, nor why it took a long time for him to get help.

Whitsundays shark attacks occurred in the swim ‘numbers’, conservationists say

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The man access to the mainland in Rosslyn Bay, south-east of Yeppoon after 6 am. It’s the third shark attack off Queensland in three weeks.

On 20 September, 12-year-old Hannah Papps of Melbourne received a life threatening wound to her right leg while swimming in Cid Harbour in the Whitsundays.

One day earlier, Tasmania Justin Barwick, 46, biting on her left thigh during diving in the same area.

These attacks provoked a shark baiting operation in the Whitsundays.

Six sharks were killed by the hooks taken from the water a week after the girl and woman were attacked.


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