The College of the Augustinian St. Joseph have a program of vocational guidance for high school students

Choosing a career is always difficult. There are many factors that must be taken into account such as: fitness, job market, University, among other things.

Always thinking about the future of college students Augustinian Saint Joseph account with professional guidance. The expansion has two fronts: informational career fairs, college visits, and the second with the attendees in the group.

These meetings are held six meetings, which lasts an hour and a half each. The first half is geared towards students of second grade of middle school, already second semester for students of the second series.

“The moment of choosing a profession is very complex and reflects on the story of a teen’s life. It is very difficult to be responsible for the selection, everyone wants a quick response,” said psychologist college, Roger Yamaguishi.

In the meetings the focus is self-awareness. Students have the wheels of the talks, the dynamics of the assembly and some tests. Each class of the account a maximum of 20 adolescents according to Roger young very receptive and welcoming and there are a lot of exchange of experience between them.

“The process is done in such a way that the student make his choice that he accepts responsibility for the choices I’ve made,” said the psychiatrist.

The objective of the vocational guidance programme is to provide students the Faculty of the Augustinian St. Joseph all the professional possibilities of the alternatives in this choice, even hit in the lives of young people.

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